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24/7 Protection

Emergency Services Dispatch

Nationwide Coverage - All 50 States

Personal Safety Profile

GPS Location Technology

No Contract or Hidden Fees

60-Day Money Back Guarantee


All App Features, Plus:

Bluetooth Emergency Device

Two-Click Distress Notification

Silent Alarm Capability

Safety Profile  A list of family/friends who will be notified in an emergency

Medical Information Module - Informs emergency responders about your medical conditions

Restraining Order Record - Tells authorities about any orders of protection

History File - A record of all incidents in the event they are needed for evidence

App & Device Features, Plus:

4 Bluetooth Emergency Devices

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"My daughter attends college at an urban campus and, as a mother, I can’t help but worry about her safety. She does her best to be cautious but I know that a young woman alone is a vulnerable target for robbery or worse. Her Guard Llama gives me extra peace of mind, knowing that help is just a click away. "
—SARAH R., College Parent

"My job requires me to go into people’s homes to assist them with managing their health. My Guard Llama provides an extra layer of security that I can have in my hand, but doesn’t impact my work the way carrying something more visible could. It makes me feel safer which helps me do my job better. "
—KATHRYN S., In-Home Professional

"We are so much more comfortable showing houses with people we don’t know very well knowing we have Guard Llama. After having a presentation on safety from the police department, we are even happier that through the pairing of Guard Llama with our phones, law enforcement will be able to pinpoint our exact location if we get in trouble and need help."
—JOAN S., Real Estate Agent

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